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// About Sam Folin//

Currently acting as a Senior Consultant for Sequoia Sustainable Finance, LLC, Sam Folin offers 35 years of experience in finance and investment. Over the course of his career, he has helped achieve social changes for entire communities while helping others to improve their understanding and returns from financial markets. 

Folin was instrumental in the formation of TRF, Inc., which at the time of its founding in 1985, was known as the Delaware Valley Community Reinvestment Fund. A successful revolving loan fund, the organization began as a fund for small business development projects in Greater Philadelphia and has since grown to encompass community and neighborhood improvement efforts around the country. 595 businesses and 19,600 housing units later, and built on the foundation Sam Folin helped create, TRF has grown into an organization creating strong, vibrant communities.

Folin’s recent efforts in the world of finance include holding a series of investor “boot camps” designed to remove the mystification surrounding making money in financial markets. By educating others on trends to follow and the principles of buying value, Sam Folin helps build investor knowledge that can lead to higher-yield investments for his attendees. Folin’s focus is not only on the idea of what potential profit is, but also on the benefit of examining currently undervalued markets. Folin’s workshops help attendees approach investments in a patient manner that will help them take advantage of lower prices while other investors flee out of fear. 

Sam Folin was educated at Wayne State University, where he earned his BS in Accounting and Economics. He is also an active member of his local Presbyterian church, and he has embarked on missions to Africa and the Caribbean. 

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